Our team started building what has become the Eaco System way back near the turn of the century in the early 2000s. The 15+ years of developing software solutions for service-based businesses has enabled Eaco to build up an overwhelmingly comprehensive set of features and functionality that is perfect for businesses on a mission to impress their clients and stay ahead of the pack.

Built to create Solutions, not just a Features List

The latest iteration of the Eaco System has been built with state-of-the-art technology by an experienced team that developed a system that has fulfilled over a million real-world transactions to the value of over two billion dollars.

Importantly, this experience has led to the creation of a number of genuine solutions using the Eaco System, Custom Development and Eaco's Consulting Services include:

Eaco's Core Functionality

The solutions listed above, encompass a comprehensive level of functionality in a unique way that is easy to use and impressive to others.

The core functionality of the Eaco System is its Works Management functionality, which is supported by related functionality such as:

This functionality has been enhanced by a comprehensive set of Works Management Configurations (such as custom Workflows and personalised Schedule of Rates) and this, combined with Eaco's full Product Suite enables us to build custom Works Management Solutions that meet your exact business needs.

The depth of Eaco's functionality broadly fall within the following categories:

Works Management Functionality

Sometimes you just need to check off a big long list of software functionality that you or your team has put together. We understand that you're after the ideal solution for your organisation and we are confident that the Eaco System can tick all of those boxes for you. That said, if you have something new and unique, we can also work with you to build new functionality into the system to help you amaze your clients.

After 15+ years of building, refining and optimising the system, there can be no doubt that Eaco's long list of features can be sometimes daunting and intimidating. Rest assured, that our aim isn't to intimidate you or to make things look complex or complicated. Our aim is to provide you with the confidence that the Eaco System can and does meet your needs. From there, we can refine the list and hold your hand through the implementation.

Functionality for getting things done:

  • Job Management Software
  • Job Capture
  • Work Order Import
  • Custom Workflows
  • Job Scheduling
  • Geographic Scheduling
  • Programmed Jobs
  • Job Matching and Distribution
  • Supplier Network Management
  • Staff Network Management
  • Field Service App
  • Tasks Management
  • Checklists
  • Document Management
  • Comments and Job Communications

Functionality for Customer Service and Proof of Delivery:

Functionality for Quoting, Invoicing, Finance and Cost Management:

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Recipient Created Tax Invoices
  • Schedule of Rates
  • Custom Variables
  • Getting Paid Faster

Functionality for Integrations with other Systems:

  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Email Gateway Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Xero Integration
  • Technology One Integration

Functionality for User Management and Permissions

  • User Permission Groups
  • Online Inductions
  • Online Training

Works Management Modules

To make all of this easier to manage, Eaco's Control Centre software is organised into Works Management Modules that bring the functionality together in a structured, easy to use and understand format. Each "Module" makes it easy for you to view and interact with the relevant information at all times. This makes the work of Getting Things Done a lot easier and straight forward.

The main Works Management Modules in Eaco's Control Centre are:

Works Management Configurations

The real magic of the Eaco System lies in the underlying ability to customise it to the exact specifications required by your organisation. These customisations are set up and stored in the Works Management Configurations area, ultimately enabling numerous automations to drive efficiency within your organisation and amaze your clients.

Use the Works Management Configurations area to establish settings for:

To fully understand the versatility of the Eaco System, head to the Eaco Case Studies page: https://eaco.systems/tag/case-studies/