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Eaco's Dashboard module in the Control Centre, serves as a powerful business tool. It is the perfect way to keep your finger on the pulse of your organisation.

Networks: Supplier Network Management

The Eaco System makes it easy to create and manage your own Supply Network to fulfil the work undertaken by your organisation.

Finance Management

Eaco's Finance Management System is designed to help you keep track of your Accounts Payable and Account Receivable. It can be found in the Control Centre, in the Finance Module. It is designed to be a central place to manage all of the invoices coming into and going out of your organisation.


Operational and strategic insights are integral to the success of your organisation. Information is key and Eaco enables you to not only keep your finger on the pulse, but also plan into the future.

Contacts Management

Eaco's Contacts Module is a quick and easy way to find the details of people and businesses associated with your organisation. That said, the ability to see all Jobs associated with each Contact turns it into a powerful CRM tool.

Task Management

"Billions of people wonder, what am I supposed to do next? Boss, please tell me. I want to do a good job. So, when people get to work, they're asking to be managed. Managed to do the right thing, the right work, in the right way because they want to make a contribution" - Seth Godin

Compliance Management

Compliance Management has become a big part of modern business. Clients are demanding more, government regulations are becoming stricter and it is good practice to manage the risks associated with operating your organisation. See how Eaco's functionality can help you meet all of those obligations.