“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” - Steve Jobs

It's time to create some magic. To make something appear out of nowhere, all whilst not moving a single finger. That is the power of Triggers in Eaco and now that power is now in your hands.

So what is the Triggers feature and when are you going to use it? Triggers is the bridge between what has happened and the next step. In tech speak, Triggers provides you with the ability to automate next step actions when events occur and certain conditions are met. In everyday language, Triggers is about progressing a job automatically. The business gurus of today would call Triggers “automations”.

Eaco’s Triggers enable you to automate what happens next when something happens to a Job. Examples are endless - here are some ideas on how they can help automate your work:

  • When a job is accepted by a Supplier, an SMS tracking link can be automatically sent to a customer, which will enable the customer to monitor the movements and ETA of a supplier;
  • When a Supplier checks into site, a Trigger can be set to provide the appropriate set of Tasks that will need to be performed in order to complete the job successfully.
  • When a Job is complete, an invoice can be created automatically and sent to the client.

This level of automation is what wows your customers with your responsiveness; and it’s what drives long-term loyalty. All whilst reducing the administrative overheads associated with running your business.