“Knowledge is power” - Francis Bacon

You are unique and it's about time that technology started to recognise it. No two businesses are exactly the same. You might have a particular edge that keeps you ahead of your competition or you might have a customer that has certain requirements that you need to comply with. Either way, Eaco is ready to help.

Custom Variables enable you to capture your own unique information against each job. Each single job in Eaco captures a lot of information (Job Details, Customer Details, Relevant Staff or Contractors, Photos, Files, Quotes, Invoices, Tasks, etc), sounds impressive right? It sure is!

Custom Variables enables you to add in your own custom data fields into the Eaco Database that infinitely expands the amount of information that you can capture against each job. Let your imagination fly and have the confidence that you will be able to meet any request that your clients send your way by just adding in a new Custom Variable for your jobs in Eaco and being able to capture that data and report against it.

Popular uses of Custom Variables include:

  • Capturing your client’s Job Number, Work Order Number, etc and linking that to each Job in Eaco;
  • Applying General Ledger codes against each job to tie it into your financial reporting;
  • Adding in unique data types relevant to your contracts such as Weights and Volumes;

Your imagination is the limit. If you need to capture specific data against your Jobs in Eaco, and the data field doesn’t already exist, simply add in a Custom Variable and you have it.

Finally, the most powerful element of Custom Variables is that they create data that you can use for reporting. This enables you to capture the data that then helps you create the exact reports that your business and your clients require.