“All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination” - Earl Nightingale

Brand is no longer just a fancy logo. Today, brand is a complete experience.

Every single time your organisation reaches a customer, your brand is being judged and rated. Given this, it is integral that every one of your touch points impresses your customers.

One of those invaluable touch points is the Uber-style Tracking Map that you send to your customers to enable them to track - in real time - the location of the fieldworker heading out to fix their problem.

Serving as a bridge between a customer’s initial call and the arrival of help, these live location maps are significant when it come to nailing the customer satisfaction piece of your business. Taking this into account and to support your business in being recognised for the service you provide, the Eaco Tracking Map Styles feature includes provision for you to customise the look and feel so that your Tracking Maps can best reflect the brand and image you wish to project.

Not least of all, you can be confident that customer’s will know that it is your organisation who is looking after them.