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What is the Eaco System?

The Eaco System (Eaco) is a suite of software that enables you to easily collaborate in real-time with the key stakeholders in your network. It serves as a powerful works management platform to drive efficiency, transparency and productivity.

Control Centre

Eaco has been designed as a collaborative works management platform and at the heart of it, is the Control Centre.

FieldWorker App

The Eaco FieldWorker App is considered one of the most powerful tools you can arm your business and workers with.


Dispatch is a state-of-the-art online match and dispatch system. Enabling the capturing of job leads from multiple sources, it is an effective field service software tool for organisations bound to deliver an immediate response to job requests, often with the pressure of meeting high service level expectations.Consisting of integrations

Client Portal

Today more than ever, time saving measures rank as some of the highest deciding factors when an organisation is establishing and/or reviewing its technological pillar.Eaco recognised long ago that alleviating businesses of time pressures is where its value would lie. That is, rating time saving measures as a

Supplier Portal

The key role of the Supplier Portal is to provide Suppliers with an online system where they can view and manage jobs, staff, invoices and compliance requirements.

Mobile Web Portal

The Eaco Mobile Web Portal - accessible on a smartphone's web browser - has long been used by frontline workers for job management purposes.