Operational and strategic insights are integral to the success of your organisation. Information is key and Eaco enables you to not only keep your finger on the pulse, but also plan for the future.

Operational and Strategic Reporting

No other system helps you keep track of everything happening on the operational side of your business as quickly and easily as Eaco. From the minute that you open Eaco you can see a live feed of all of your organisation's operations thanks to the Activity Feed on the Dashboard. The Boards Module then takes you deeper into the operations of your organisation, enabling you to visually see the steps of your organisation's Workflows and immediately identify how many jobs are at each stage of your workflows. You can then click through to each individual job to see its own Activity Feed as well as details on every aspect of that particular job. All of this information is available at your fingertips 24 x 7.

Eaco's Reports Module provides you with functionality to create the Strategic Reports necessary to help you plan for the future of your organisation. Each of the key data sets collected through the Eaco System can be identified, selected, sorted and reported on thanks to the Reports Module. You can then export that data in .csv and json formats (depending on the data set), enabling you to manipulate the data using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or your choice of Business Intelligence tools.

Client Reporting

Clients can be demanding and nothing can be more time consuming than meeting their detailed reporting requirements. Over the years, Eaco has gone to great depths to help our clients report to their clients in a precise and detailed manner.

Client reporting with Eaco can include:

  • Client Portals that provide your clients with real-time access to the status of the work being undertaken;
  • Custom designed PDF Reports that bring together your data in a report format that best suits your client's requirements; and,
  • Data exports (outlined below) that enable you to customise your own reports for clients.

Data Exports

The data is yours. So when it is time to get sophisticated with your data, Eaco can work with you to get your data into the formats, databases and systems that best suit your organisation.

Exporting data from the Eaco System can be as simple as a .csv file that you can view using Microsoft Excel. Or it can be as sophisticated as you (and/or your IT Team) desire, including:

  • API calls
  • Scheduled FTP transfers
  • JSON Exports