The Boards Module runs in the spirit of true works management needs. It has been designed to be the ultimate reflection of how your organisation has established the Eaco system to fit the way you work and to facilitate the way you manage work. Enjoy the visibility the Boards Module provides on the following and efficiency gains are bound to flow:

All jobs

This register gives you access to retrieve the Job Card of every single job that your organisation has managed through the Eaco system.

Job view per workflow type

Within the menu of the Boards Module, there will be job registers accessible based on all types of workflows that exist within your organisation. Need to know whether every step of a specific job is being completed and whether it is on time? The Boards Module has you covered all the way.

To take this up a greater level, the team here at Eaco, works to free you up as much as possible, so rest assured there are no limits as to the number of customised workflows you can create. This is where you can benefit from using the Eaco System as your eyes and ears, ultimately giving you more time to manage your business.

Managed Properties

Property, it's a thing. Actually, let's not play it down. It's kind of a big deal in the lives of many. For that reason, Eaco has been set up to recognise the role property assumes in society and the importance of building systems to facilitate robust management of all property-related work.

The starting point lies within the Boards Module - here is the place to create a register of managed properties per client, a register that is editable at any time. You would also use the functionality here to apply client based settings to each property and to add the assets of the property on which work, either once-off or programmed, will be performed. Once established, the Managed Properties element within the Boards Module will enable you to view the complete job history, including for and by whom the work was completed.

Managed Assets

Critical to the success of Eaco's software design for the managing of property-related work, is the depth of its Managed Assets functionality. We have mentioned that providing you with as much freedom as possible is a part of Eaco's development psyche. The evidence of this mindset is easy to identify whenever you are using the Eaco system to manage work on assets you have been charged to look after. There is no limit to the number of asset classes you can establish and neither is there a limit on the number of assets you can add.

Be sure to take advantage of the freedom the power of Eaco's Works Management Configurations affords by establishing settings, rules and inspection outcomes  for assets per location and then proceed to the Managed Assets section of the Boards Module to add as many assets as required.

Programmed Jobs

A key element of the consulting service we provide centers around the benefits of automation. Our philosophy is driven by assisting clients in identifying tasks they do more than once and determining whether there is any value in the completion of such repetitive tasks. Where a sound business case for task repetition is established, the Eaco System can customise the parameters of the work to be undertaken based on the needs of the client and then set it as a Programmed Job to run automatically.

When its full functionality is utilised, the Programmed Job feature of a client's Eaco System is considered invaluable in the quest to maintain a reputation for consistent provision of impeccable service delivery.