“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” - Michael Jordan

Athletes at the prime of their careers talk about being in a state of flow. This is a state where perfection just comes naturally to them, where they have absolute knowledge of what is happening around them, they know exactly where their teammates are and their instincts guide them towards the goals that they strive for. A well structured Workflow within the Eaco System aims to achieve this "state of flow” for your organisation. A state where everyone works together to achieve mutual goals.

Eaco’s flexible Workflow Management System is designed to be a bridge between the unstructured dynamic processes of the past and the collaborative and transparent team environment of the future. Customisable workflows enable you to use Eaco to mirror the processes that your business uses today, whilst providing insights and plasticity needed to optimise your organisation for future requirements.

This Workflow System set’s the journey for each Job that you undertake. You can specify what are the stages for that journey, who’s involved at each stage, the status of each stage, and what tasks need to be undertaken at each stage. You can even set Triggers in place that automatically move a job along its journey from workflow stage to workflow stage.

To blow your mind, and completely suit the exacting needs of your organisation, you can even create an unlimited number of customised workflows. That way there can always be a workflow to suit every element of your business.

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