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What is the Eaco System?

The Eaco System (Eaco) is a suite of software that enables you to easily collaborate in real-time with the key stakeholders in your network. It serves as a powerful works management platform to drive efficiency, transparency and productivity.


We have listened deeply to organisations over the years and the common theme, undoubtedly, has been the need to drive greater operational efficiencies through digital transformation.We listened. We delivered. And we are still delivering.This is achieved using Eaco — where taking the complex and making it simple — lies at


We all come to work each day for the right reason: to make the world a better place. This sure is a big responsibility to be charged with, yet limited time and resources make it difficult to fulfil such obligations.For this reason, Eaco holds true to the belief that


Communication is vital for the success of any business, particularly organisations that collaborate with a broad stakeholder network for the full execution of Works Management.The third phase of the Eaco Methodology, the Communicate phase, is all about communication; it is all about understanding and communicating what has to be


Business optimisation is achieved when desired outcomes are maximised and unacceptable outcomes are minimised.The fourth phase of the Eaco Methodology, the Optimise phase, is all about optimisation; it is all about making things better.In the spirit of continuous improvement, utilising Eaco to establish digital workflows and communications will