Compliance Management has become a fundamental part of modern business. Clients are demanding more, government regulations are becoming stricter and it is simply good management practice to manage the risks associated with operating your organisation. Eaco's Compliance Management functionality is designed to help you meet all of those obligations whilst simplifying the process for you.

Eaco's Compliance Management system enables you to specify the types of compliances that you would like your staff and suppliers to meet. These compliance types can include:

  • Licences
  • Insurances
  • Certifications
  • Associations
  • Qualifications
  • Statutory Checks
  • Inductions
  • Training Courses
  • Etc.

You specify exactly what your compliance standards are for your staff and suppliers and the Eaco System will help you verify who is meeting those standards.

Once set, you can use the Eaco System to request proof that your staff and suppliers meet your compliance standards. Each individual and/or company is provided with a portal to login and upload their compliance data for you including:

  • Compliance Type
  • Proof (photos and or files)
  • Relevant information (such as a licence number)
  • Expiry Date

Eaco's Compliance Management System helps you manage who in your network is compliant and who isn't currently meeting your compliance standards. Furthermore, it enables you to enact rules that ensure that non-compliant staff or suppliers cannot be allocated work that requires them to be fully compliant.

When integrated fully with the Eaco Training and Inductions System, as well as the Supplier Networks and Task Management Systems, Eaco's Compliance Management System forms a fundamental part of your Job Safety and Quality Assurance Program.

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