“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” - Coco Chanel

We all love being paid but we all hate doing the paperwork required to get paid.

How good would it be if that paperwork simply took care of itself? How good would it be, if the minute you received an invoice from a Supplier, it automatically transforms into an invoice from your business and sent to your client? Sounds like magic, right? Well...that’s exactly what Eaco’s Invoice Transformations feature does - it takes the manual invoicing process and makes it effortlessly and automatically digital, ultimately bridging the gap between work performed and the need to be paid quickly.

Eaco’s Invoice Transformation feature enables you to set your own business rules in relation to how you would like to charge your clients for work that is undertaken by your subcontractors. For example, you may wish to apply your margin by simply adding a flat 20% on top of your subcontractor’s invoice. Alternatively, you may add a set dollar fee for each Job undertaken or you could create a hybrid approach that combines these two options. Eaco provides you with the flexibility to choose.

One of the most useful benefits of Invoice Transformations is that it minimises the risk of your business missing out on revenue that is rightfully yours. This is achieved via the automated connection between an invoice from a supplier and an invoice that sent to your client, which instils confidence that clients are always invoiced for the work that you manage for them.

There is nothing more expensive than finding out that you’ve paid a supplier and forgotten to invoice your client. So get on board and enjoy the value Eaco’s Invoice Transformations feature can add to your business.