The Eaco System makes it easy to create and manage your own Supply Network to fulfil the work to be undertaken by your organisation. Your Supply Network may consist of your own internal staff, external contractors, sub-contractors and/or franchisees. It may even be a hybrid of both internal staff and external contractors and if you're going big, the creation of a National Network of Contractors may be your best set up.

The Network Management Module in the Control Centre provides you with all of the tools and functionality that you need for:

  • Establishing your own Network of Suppliers;
  • Inviting Suppliers to the Network
  • Adding Suppliers to the Network
  • Managing the Suppliers on the Network
  • Supplier Inductions and Training
  • Supplier Compliances
  • Establishing and Managing the Job Profiles of the Suppliers
  • Viewing all of your Supplier Contact Information as well as their Staff Details
  • Viewing all of the Jobs that have been allocated to each Supplier
  • Managing the Bank Account information for Supplier Payments

Once you have established your Supplier Network using the Eaco System, you can then take advantage of the Supplier-related functionality and solutions that Eaco has built to help you drive quality and efficiency throughout your organisation. Some of those supplier-related solutions available through Eaco include:

This helps demonstrate the power of the Eaco System and how we can work with your business to help you stand out from your competition.

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