"Billions of people wonder, what am I supposed to do next? Boss, please tell me. I want to do a good job.

So, when people get to work, they're asking to be managed. Managed to do the right thing, the right work, in the right way because they want to make a contribution" - Seth Godin

One of the most challenging aspects of managing work is the pressure that comes with the compulsion to micromanage; an issue that is usually borne from a manager's fear of losing control.

Micromanagement has long been a thorn in the side of any business. Its damaging effects, from negative impacts on productivity to soaring levels of turnover in human resources, has resulted in irrecoverable losses for far too many organisations. Yet: the requirement to ensure that specific tasks are completed correctly to meet customer expectations, cannot be discarded.

It is consequences like these that highlight how technology can invariably bridge the need to maintain robust works management practices and at the same time protect a positive working culture. To address these critical organisational needs, Eaco's software suite includes a solution, Task Management, as one of its key offerings.

The Task Management feature has been designed to arm organisations with a tool that guides their workers on how to complete specific tasks of a job to ensure customer satisfaction.