The Eaco Control Centre can be tailored to supply a dedicated portal for Suppliers that aligns with their processes and meets their specific needs. Notably, we have designed the Supplier Portal on the basis of identifying that Suppliers desire an online system where they can view and manage their:

  • Jobs that have been allocated to them through the Eaco System;
  • Staff by enabling them to provide Staff with access to the Eaco System for ¬†purposes of completing the Jobs allocated to them;
  • Job Matching Profiles so that they are correctly established based on the services they provide in line with location preferences;
  • Compliances, which is critical for contractual purposes and maintaining inductions, licences and insurance coverage;
  • Schedule of Rates, so that the rates they charge are correct and meet the rates that have been agreed upon; and
  • Invoices by providing visibility on all of the invoices related to Jobs they undertake utilising the Eaco System.

Using Eaco's powerful privacy and permission-based framework, the Supplier Portal grants Suppliers access to the following Modules of the Control Centre:

Suppliers seeking access greater functionality to enhance their business, have the option to upgrade their Subscription to the Eaco Enterprise level. The Enterprise level opens up extra functionality such as:

  • Post a Job Functionality - ability to manage Jobs from multiple sources including internal jobs;
  • Dispatch System - view the location and workload of all of your Fieldworkers on a map and allocate Jobs to them directly;
  • Network Management - manage own network of Suppliers / Contractors / Sub-Contractors; and
  • Accounting Integration - automatically transfer invoices to your accounting system, ultimately eradicating the hassle of time consuming, manual data entry.