The Eaco System has been designed as a collaborative Works Management platform that has a broad range of uses across the entire organisation. At the heart of Eaco is the Control Centre, which enables you to:

  • Set up and manage system access for your staff, suppliers and clients; and
  • Configure the system to your business needs.

The Modules of the Control Centre, used in combination with other Eaco Software Products, help you to harness its depth and power to serve your organisation with a:

  • Works Management System
  • Managed Properties System
  • Managed Assets System
  • Supplier Management System
  • GPS Mapping and Tracking System
  • Invoice Management System
  • Compliance Management System
  • Contacts Management System
  • Business Reporting System

User Permissions and Controls

Serving as a single source of truth, the Control Centre is built around a permission-based system that enables a business to specify access to information from a stakeholder’s perspective – that is, it can be configured to unlock the information that any one stakeholder needs and/or is entitled to.

From the Principal (i.e. the primary source of the work to be executed) and those responsible for co-ordinating the personnel to complete the work (e.g. management staff, suppliers), through to those charged with the responsibility for executing the job tasks (e.g. employees, field workers), the Control Centre offers a unified environment where all parties can enjoy a streamlined and seamless approach to collaboration, data sharing, work and task management.

Deeply Configurable

Configurable to meet exact business needs, the Control Centre is where work rules and processes are: customised; automation is created; data is captured and managed; and collaboration within and outside an organisation is facilitated.

You can view and read all about the Control Centre Configurations here:

Extremely Functional

The Control Centre consists of a number of Modules that provide your organisation with the deep functionality required to run all of the systems outlined above. In particular, the Modules contained in Eaco's Control Centre consist of:

  • Dashboard
  • Post a Job Wizard
  • Boards - Works Management Module
  • Finance
  • Contacts
  • Networks
  • Reporting
  • Search


The Dashboard provides a snapshot of the status of the work that you are currently undertaking, as well as a live Activity Feed on who has done what within the Eaco System.

See the full details of the Control Centre's Dashboard Module here:

Job Form Wizard

Eaco's job networks system, programmed jobs functionality, email parser, and API systems integrations means that the majority of jobs can be entered into the Eaco System without the need for any manual data entry. To cater for instances beyond these, there is built in functionality for posting a Job manually into Eaco and this can be as simple or as detailed as you need it to be. With a click of the +icon (top left hand corner in your Control Centre), the Job Form Wizard will pop up and start you on the journey of entering a new job to be managed through the Eaco System.

Boards - Works Management Module

The Boards Module is your go-to hub for all things job and workflow related. Treat this module like an ultimate viewing platform. Need to know the operational status of a job or whether it is progressing as required? Look here. How about who's working on a job or whether it is a Programmed Job? Or whether it is work being performed on an Asset within a Managed Property? You guessed it, you can see that here too. Better yet - do you need to be confident in monitoring and allocating work logically and effectively? Use the insights you gain through the Boards Module to check the workload of any one person and enjoy the ease of being able to quickly reallocate work with a simple click and drag.

See the full details of the Control Centre's Works Management Module here:

Finance Management Module

Eaco's Finance Management System is designed to help you keep track of your invoices. Accounts Payable and Account Receivable is made easy thanks to the Finance Module. It is designed to be a central place to manage all of the invoices coming into and going out of your organisation. In particular, it helps you drive efficiency and effectively throughout your organisation with:

  • Automated Invoicing from Suppliers;
  • Automated Invoicing to Clients;
  • Invoice Approval System;
  • Invoice Receivable Management;
  • Invoice Payable Management;
  • Batch Invoices;
  • Multi-Job Invoices; And,
  • Accounting System Integration.

See the full details of the Control Centre's Finance Management Module here:

Contacts Management Module

Eaco's Contacts Module is a quick and easy way to find the details of people and businesses associated with your organisation. That said, the ability to see all Jobs associated with each Contact turns it into a powerful CRM tool.

See the full details of the Control Centre's Contact Management Module here:

Supplier Network Management Module

Modernising supplier management to a superior level, is the Eaco System's crowning glory. Many procurement executives place significant value on the power and reliability of Eaco's Network Management Module to:

  • Enable easy access to supplier details;
  • Alert them on outstanding compliance requirements (e.g. when a supplier has not lodged proof of insurance);
  • Save them time in the maintenance of supplier profiles;
  • Facilitate the construction of well defined processes for qualification and induction of suppliers; and
  • Provide a platform that is built on transparency and one that strengthens credibility.

See the full details of the Control Centre's Supplier Network Management Module here:


Operational and strategic insights are integral to the success of your organisation. Information is key and Eaco's Reporting Module enables you to not only keep your finger on the pulse, but also plan into the future.

See the full details of the Control Centre's Reporting Module here:

Each has powerful search functionality throughout. Positioned in the header of the Control Centre at all times, you are able to quickly and easily search for and find information on Jobs, Contacts, etc.