It is whatever you need it to be! We say that with hand on heart because experience reveals that flexibility in the design of a system is the key. Some systems only deal well with in-house staff, some deal well with contractors only. Having managed over two billion dollars worth of work, the Eaco System deals well with both. This enables it to serve the wide and varied needs of any one business and ultimately its lifeblood, the clients and the customers.

How do we do this?

The Eaco System (Eaco) is a suite of software that consists of programs and applications that provide an organisation with the capacity to simulate, in a digital environment, the way they work from the moment a job is flagged through to its full and successful execution. Enabling you to easily collaborate in real-time with the key stakeholders in your internal or external supplier network, the Eaco System serves as a powerful works management platform to drive efficiency, compliance, quality assurance, transparency and productivity.

Eaco can be configured in a number of different ways, depending on how a contract, workflow or any one job needs to be managed. Recognising that no two businesses are ever the same, the System is designed to be flexible for an organisation to determine whether a job should be completed "in house" or whether a contractor from an external supplier network should be assigned to complete the job. Irrespective of who does the work, a sound works management system needs to be able to direct the worker to perform the same tasks (i.e. allocate the job, track the job, ensure the workers are compliant, capture the job costs and invoice the end customer).

The power of the Eaco System is attributable to the simplicity found in its ability to bring people together to get things done. By providing a single source of truth, as well as tools for all parties to access and update information, work is successfully executed. This also has the benefit of diminishing the risk of human error and significantly, bolstering your bottom line.

Control Centre

To make it all possible, the heart of the software suite lies within the Control Centre. The Control Centre provides you with a single source of truth for all work undertaken.

Configurable to meet your exact business needs, the Control Centre is where you customise work rules, processes and automation and also manage the stakeholder network that is critical to the successful completion of any one job.

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FieldWorker App

For those on the frontline, be it your employees or contractors, the Eaco suite includes a FieldWorker App.  This App is functional on iOS and Android with its primary purpose set for real-time collaboration with mobile workers (those on the move).

The App provides workers with guidance on all job related tasks to ensure they are performed in line with organisational standards, protocols and service delivery expectations. Mobile workers can also access additional features through the use of the Eaco Mobile Web Portal.

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The Eaco Dispatch system is also a fundamentally effective software tool for organisations that are bound to deliver an immediate response to service requests, often with the pressure of meeting high service level expectations.

Working in conjunction with the FieldWorker App, Dispatch provides a map with the real-time locations of all available field workers, making the allocation of work fast and reliable.

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Client Portals

Client Portals - this is where the work begins! Client Portals are customisable and are the vehicle in which a client can request for you to quote on and fulfil a job with the system also enabling the management of invoicing and remittance of payment for services rendered.

Once a job request is approved, through the Client Portal, your clients and the customers can be kept up to date on the progress of the job and significantly, this includes a location-based live tracking feature and feedback tools. This helps provide the transparency that today's clients really desire and ultimately, trust builds as does the strength of your business credibility.

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Eaco has been built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Its software suite consists of a series of Integrations with favourite software and tools including but not limited to, transactional email, SMS APIs, accounting programs (e.g. Xero, TechOne) and Government ABR.

These integrations help automate tiresome data entry and keep all of your systems in sync.

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More features and functions than you can poke a stick at

The Eaco software suite is packed with all of the functionality you could ever imagine you would need to successfully run the operations of your organisation.

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