Today more than ever, time saving measures rank as some of the highest deciding factors when an organisation is establishing and/or reviewing its technological pillar.

Eaco recognised long ago that alleviating businesses of time pressures is where its value would lie. That is, rating time saving measures as a key cornerstone has been critical to the design of the Eaco System and central to this is the Client Portal.

The Client Portal allows an organisation’s authorised personnel to communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively in a secure environment. It is built to streamline a business’ interactions with clients and customers to effectively eliminate the burdens that come with manual administration and unnecessary and countless telephone calls and emails.

If left unaddressed, such burdens become an added business overhead that will only increase the cost of doing business. To overcome this, the Client Portal provides clients and customers with a centralised point for communication relating to the:

Requesting, management and approval of quotes;
Lodging of job requests;
Management of invoices and remittance of payment; and
Tracking of the work in progress.

Benefits of using the Client Portal:

Efficient collaboration – superfluous telephone calls and emails are eliminated. The provision of location-based live tracking and feedback tools offer clients and customers with the mechanism in which to seek answers and/or updates on work in progress, quotes, invoices and payment matters.

Transparency – the location-based live tracking and feedback tools enable transparency, which today's clients are desiring and demanding more and more. With this, trust builds and business credibility strengthens.

Productivity enhancements – when a large part of day to day operations are automated, organisations and their employees will appreciate the increased opportunity and more time to act and work on jobs that add real value to the business.

Security of information – control the risk of sensitive financial and business details passing to the wrong party.