In today's modern world of software, it is essential to be able to integrate your systems so they work together seamlessly. Eaco is happy to work with you and your software providers to establish integrations to meet the need to drive efficiency and effectiveness within your organisation.

Notably, such integrations keep all of your systems in sync and also enable automations to help eliminate tiresome data entry.

Eaco is Self-Integrated

A comprehensive software suite in its own right, Eaco provides software tools for you and your staff and also for your Clients and Suppliers. In many cases, the Eaco System can help you achieve significant savings in time and money by reducing your reliance upon a complex web of external software.

That said, we love assuming a supportive role, particularly as IT solution architects. To make life easy for everyone, below is a list of external systems and software that Eaco can integrate with, where each has been determined on the basis that the integration will enhance a client's use of the Eaco System.

Mapping Integrations

Eaco currently integrates with a number of Mapping and GIS Systems in order to help you track the location of Jobs and Field Workers in real-time as well as after the fact analysis.

Eaco's major integrations for Mapping and GIS include:

Accounting Integrations

Eaco helps save time and the prevention of human error through its integration with your Accounting System. This is achieved through the elimination of human data entry by enabling the automatic transfer of invoice data (from both you and your suppliers) and also other accounting information into your accounting system.

The Accounting Systems that Eaco can integrate with include:

Communications Integrations

Whether it is SMS notifications, In-App messages, telephone calls, transactional emails or newsletters, it is expected that you keep everyone in your network up to date. To support your need to maintain strong lines of communication, your Eaco System can be integrated with your favourite communications platforms, including:

Job Capture Integrations

In an ideal world, data entry required for Job Capture is done by others. This not only helps you save on the cost of data entry it can also increase the likelihood of capturing the Job Requirements of your clients in their own words.

To streamline this process, Eaco's Job Capture integrations include:

  • HTML "Post a Job" Widgets that you can place on your own websites as well as the websites/systems of your clients;
  • Email parsing of Job Request emails from clients;
  • API Integrations with your clients' systems; and
  • Parsing of Job Data from Lead Generation sites.

Data Backup Integrations

Data is the life blood of today's modern organisations and it is critical that it is stored safely and securely. For these reasons, Eaco's clients have asked us to help secure their data with automated backups to locations including:

Reporting Integrations

With specialised business information and analytical tools, you can achieve some phenomenal insights into your business. To assist you in the seeking of deep insights, Eaco makes it easy for you to export your data so that you can import it into your chosen Business Analytics tools.

Compliance Management Integrations

To capture the latest compliance information for you, Eaco can integrate with Government Databases and other sources.

Custom Integrations

Eaco has worked with our clients to create a number of custom integrations including:

  • Integrating with the systems of the clients of our clients';
  • Integrating with the systems of our clients' suppliers;
  • Integrating with our clients' own custom-built software and/or apps.