“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus" - Bruce Lee

Culture is King and nailing it, is critical to business success. A key and crucial contributing factor to getting "it" right, lies in an organisation establishing an environment that gives workers confidence they are performing work to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, which in turn will ultimately have them feeling fulfilled. Feeling like they have made a contribution. Often, an organisation achieves this through the provision of solid works and tasks management instruction and guidance and this is why the Eaco FieldWorker App is considered one of the most powerful tools you can arm your business and workers with.

From task management to real-time collaboration and location tracking functionality, the FieldWorker App acts as a bridge between you, your staff and sub-contractors by enabling you to allocate and manage work no matter where they are located.

Eaco’s power lies in the ability to distribute work more effectively, whilst also providing virtual visibility for the manager to ensure that field technicians are safe and performing their functions in accordance with business processes. To achieve this, the Eaco FieldWorker App helps to: automate job information; plan and guide technicians/field workers through each job; and also, to act as a Point of Delivery (POD) capture tool.