“The best way to predict the future is to create it” - Abraham Lincoln

When you’re interacting with Suppliers and Clients on a job by job basis, Eaco can power you with a bunch of magic spells you can put on jobs to automate the mountain of paperwork required behind the scenes. Gone will be the days of quotes and invoices flying around everywhere – overloading and overwhelming back office staff – grinding business to a halt. Eaco’s Invoice Schemas feature will help you keep up with this volume of paperwork and even better, it can play an integral role in keeping you well ahead of the pack.

For example, you have established agreements with Suppliers: you know exactly what you are going to pay them and when you’re going to pay them. You have the facts, so why not simply automate the invoicing process? That’s exactly where the Eaco Invoice Schemas feature comes into play. Working in conjunction with the Eaco configurations for Service Templates and Invoice Transformations, Invoice Schemas enable you to automatically create invoices at predetermined rates on behalf of your Suppliers.

Effectively, Invoice Schemas takes the deal that you have done with your Suppliers for particular jobs and applies that as a blueprint against those jobs. Having this blueprint in place enables you to quickly and easily flag invoices that go outside of your parameters.

One could also argue that Invoice Schemas are a harness that enables you and your Suppliers to charge along and complete hundreds or thousands of jobs together without hassle or fear that you have to manually double-check every single invoice for every single job completed. The Eaco System will automatically do the double-checking for you and flag invoices that don’t fall within agreed terms.

Invoice Schemas set against each job can then help you control other automations, including setting the rules as to when to apply:

  • Invoice Transformations that take a Supplier Invoice and automatically creates an invoice for you to send a Client.
  • Service Templates that automatically create Quotes or Invoices on behalf of you or your Suppliers.

The value of what the Invoice Schemas feature can deliver to your business is deep and once you walk this bridge, you will never look back.