Communication is vital for the success of any business, particularly organisations that collaborate with a broad stakeholder network for the full execution of Works Management.

The third phase of the Eaco Methodology, the Communicate phase, is all about communication; it is all about understanding and communicating what has to be done, what is being done and what has been done.

Importantly, effective communication is central to the development of an organisation. With the right communication tools in place,  managers are better equipped to master the five basic functions of management: planning, organising, staffing, leading and controlling.

With the above in mind, establishing your organisational framework to enable effective communication as a key pillar, is paramount. Eaco recognises this and is designed accordingly, knowing this will help you foster good working relationships and will improve morale and efficiency between you and your staff and amongst those within your extended networks.

Eaco’s capacity and design, makes it the perfect fit for collaborative organisations whose provision of services rely heavily on bringing people together to communicate and execute tasks from start to finish. To accomplish this, its strength lies in providing:

Workflow visibility

The ability for all stakeholders to communicate on and keep up to date with the progress of each workflow stage.

Activity Feeds

Stakeholders love to see who has done what over the duration of each job. This enables everyone to get up to speed very quickly, facilitating collaboration.

Mapping and Real-time Tracking

Tracking the real-time location of field workers provides you, your team and your clients with transparency and deep insights into where everyone is positioned to get through the work of the day.

Stakeholder Portals

From suppliers to clients, today everyone wants immediate access to all relevant information about what has to be done, who is doing it, the current status and clear and effective communications between all stakeholders.

Financial Communications

Today’s world of rapid transactions can create a mountain of paperwork for all stakeholders. Quotes, invoices and payments are constantly sucking up people’s time. Eaco automates these financial communications and eliminates a costly burden of modern business.


From operational reports to client and strategic reports, there’s no doubt that data and reporting are a fundamental part of a business manager’s arsenal. Eaco empowers you with the ease to capture and communicate detailed data, deep insights and automated reports.