We have listened deeply to organisations over the years and the common theme, undoubtedly, has been the need to drive greater operational efficiencies through digital transformation.

We listened. We delivered. And we are still delivering.

This is achieved using Eaco — where taking the complex and making it simple — lies at the heart of every system that is established.

Eaco recognises that every business is unique and that its processes defines its corporate DNA. Designed and built to be a rules-based system, non-discriminating on jargon, Eaco enables you to establish:

  • unique process rules with the luxury of using a limitless dictionary to describe any one process;
  • works management configurations that align with the varying needs of your organisation;
  • stakeholder networks;
  • users, groups and privacy controls;
  • finance parameters; and
  • APIs and integrations.

The digital transformation that results at the completion of Eaco’s Establish phase is one that creates comfort through a sense of familiarity and alignment through the mirroring of your existing language and processes. Empowering your business and your people with this technology, sets the foundation for a system that can be embraced by and add value to all.