Eaco has extensive experience in the consulting on and creation and management of national networks of contractors. Recognised as an industry leader, Eaco has been advising clients and building online platforms for National Networks of Contractors since 2005. During that time, over $2 Billion in transactions have been managed using our technology.

Notably, the Eaco System has been used for all facets of Contractor Management: from the recruitment of new suppliers and the distribution of works to each supplier; to the completion of those works and the subsequent automated management of Supplier Invoices and Payments.


The Eaco System has been used to create and manage exclusive networks of contractors, sub-contractors and/or franchisees in the following industries:

Supplier Requirements

The organisations that have used Eaco to create and manage a national network of Suppliers have enjoyed the running of business with confidence their Systems and Processes meet their critical need to ensure contractors/sub-contractors/franchisees are:

  • Genuine independent contractors.
  • Qualified and insured.
  • Inducted into the company’s system,  safety protocols and customer service expectations.
  • Signatories to the Schedule of Rates specified by the company.
  • Signatories to the contract terms and conditions specified by the company.

Systems Requirements

To recruit and manage a Network of Suppliers, the following systems are required to be able to manage the:

  • Creation of system accounts for Suppliers as well as invitations to use the system.
  • Details of Suppliers as well as the individual staff members of the Suppliers;
  • Inductions of Suppliers and their staff;
  • Compliance Requirements (licences, insurances, etc) of Suppliers and their staff;
  • Job Profiling for the purposes of automated job distribution;
  • Supplier self-management (employee accounts, compliance requirements, job matching profiles, etc) as well as managing the tracking and completion of jobs;
  • Live uber-style mapping and tracking of Field Workers;
  • Jobs, safety and tasks directly at the Field Worker level;
  • Supplier invoicing and payment; and
  • Client invoicing.


On a number of occasions the team at Eaco has been able to meet the complex and detailed requirements needed to successfully build and manage a national network of contractors.

Eaco's best practice solution consisted of the creation and management of a straight forward, robust and scalable national network of suppliers. This was achieved by the bringing together of the following elements of the Eaco System:

Eaco Control Centre

Used by the Owner of the National Supplier Network to:

  • Create the Network
  • Invite Suppliers to the Network
  • Add Suppliers to the Network
  • Manage the Suppliers on the Network
  • Setup and mange Supplier Inductions and Training
  • Setup and manage the Supplier Compliances
  • Establish and Manage the Job Profiles of the Suppliers
  • Specify the Safety and Quality Tasks to be completed on Each Job
  • Distribute Jobs to Suppliers
  • Track the status of all Jobs distributed to Suppliers
  • Manage Supplier Invoicing and Payment
  • Etc.

Eaco Control Centre

Used by Suppliers as a Supplier Portal (with limited relevant information privileges) to:

  • Self-manage their own Company and Contact Details
  • Self-manage their own Staff and staff accounts on Eaco
  • Self-manage their own Job Matching Profiles and request approved updates from the Network Owner
  • Self-manage their Compliances
  • Self-manage the Jobs that have been distributed to them
  • Self-manage their Quotes and Invoices
  • Automatically send the Invoices that they have created in Eaco (or Eaco has created for them) to their Accounting System
  • Etc.

Eaco Dispatch System

Used by Suppliers to:

  • View the live location of all staff on a map (uber-style)
  • View a list of the current workload of each staff member
  • View all new Leads and Jobs as they come in
  • Dispatch new Leads and Jobs to their staff members

Eaco FieldWorker App

Used by Suppliers to:

  • Send the live location of all staff members to track using the map through the Dispatch System
  • Provide an update on the status of each Job
  • Complete the Safety and Quality Assurance Tasks that have been set for each Job
  • Update further Job information such as Photos, Comments, etc.