Every organisation likes to ensure that all jobs are completed safely and to a high quality. That said, actually achieving this and ensuring that safety and quality requirements are met by each and every member of staff or contractors is extremely difficult. This is compounded further when there is a high-volume workload across a broad network of suppliers and the challenge of ensuring both safety and quality seems to be extremely onerous.

In response, the team at Eaco have developed a solution that standardises the process of ensuring safety and quality. This solution is customisable to your organisation's needs and processes and also extends to further applications that we go into in the Bonus Solutions section.

Key Challenges

The Key Challenges are to meet your Brand, Workplace and Social responsibilities to ensure that:

  • All Staff and Suppliers are aware of their responsibilities;
  • Risks are identified in advance;
  • Work is undertaken in a safe manner;
  • Work is undertaken in a consistent manner (such as following your Standard Operating Procedure);
  • The customer and/or client signs off on the Work undertaken; and
  • Proof of Delivery is recorded.

These challenges are significantly greater in circumstances where:

  • The work is not directly supervised (i.e. management is not on site to oversee everything that is undertaken);
  • There is a distributed workforce (i.e. a large network of staff or suppliers that are spread around a City, State or Country).
  • There is a high-volume of Work to be undertaken (i.e. a substantial number of jobs coming through).


To solve this set of complex challenges involves the bringing together of key elements of the Eaco Software Suite, particularly the Task Management System.  

Eaco's Task Management functionality enables you to set-up and configure Tasks to then apply to Jobs that will be managed within the Eaco System. To help you visualise how Jobs and Tasks come together, let's look at the Framework:

  • A "Job" is the Work that has to be undertaken. It's the thing that you would invoice a client for (i.e. Install Hot Water System, Replace Car Battery, Design a Logo, etc). In the Eaco System, a Job Card holds all of the information that could possibly relate to each Job: Customer Information, Location, Date, Photos, Staff and/or Suppliers used, Work Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Completion Certificates, etc.
  • A "Task" is something that has to be done as part of a Job. You can set whatever you like as a "Task" on a Job, in fact you can set a whole series of "Tasks" that need to be undertaken to ensure a Job is completed successfully.

The above is reason alone as to why Tasks become so important and integral in enabling you to ensure consistency in safety and quality. All you have to do is:

  • Know exactly what safety checks and quality checks you want every single frontline worker to complete; and
  • Create a Task for each and every one of those safety and quality checks.

That's the key to this solution. Simply create the exact Tasks that you would like the frontline worker to undertake each and every time that he/she completes a job. Examples of the types of Tasks that you could set include:

  • Safety Questions such as "Have you checked that the site is safe?" - Yes/No;
  • Photos such as Before and After ;
  • Collecting Job data such as Test Results;
  • Capturing Customer sign-off such as their Signature;
  • Etc.

This power of this solution is further enhanced when your frontline workers are using the Eaco FieldWorker App to complete the work. This App utilises smartphone functionality to guide the frontline worker through the set of Tasks necessary for the completion of each Job and to capture photos, customer signatures, etc.

Bonus Solutions

Through the use of the Eaco Tasks Solution, the data being captured by frontline staff when upon the entering of Task Results, can also be used for other purposes including the ability to create:

  • Detailed custom reports for clients that can provide unique information such as photos, on site insights, location data, etc;
  • Quotes and Proposals that take the data entered about the elements of the job (including Photos, Customer Details, etc) and apply the Schedule of Rates; and
  • Invoices that combine the elements of the Works Undertaken with the Schedule of Rates.

Elements of the Eaco System Used

Tasks and Task Groups are established in the Works Management Configurations area of the Eaco Control Centre, which will then enable you to automate the process of attaching Tasks/Task Groups to specific types of jobs at specific points in time.

Once Tasks have been created, they can be updated and interacted with via:

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