With 15+ years of experience and over $2 Billion worth of Jobs matched, dispatched and tracked through our system, Eaco prides itself on having built a robust and versatile Job Distribution and Tracking solution capable of meeting a broad variety of needs.

Key Challenges

Whilst the primary challenge is simply matching and dispatching each Job to the right suppliers and staff members, the absolute diversity of the Suppliers and Jobs coming through has highlighted additional challenges including:

  • Establishing all factors that could be relevant in identifying the right supplier or staff member at each point in time, including skills, specialisations, location, availability, compliance requirements, feedback ratings, etc;
  • Creating custom algorithms that match, sort and prioritise the suppliers and staff in desired order;
  • Automating the Job Capture and Distribution of jobs from multiples sources;
  • Separating staff and suppliers into Custom Networks for specific purposes;
  • Ensuring that Compliance Requirements are met;
  • Identifying and matching Categories across multiple Job sources;
  • Enabling location-based matching based on a multitude of location data types such as live location, post codes, government regions, radius from a set point and custom polygons;
  • Identifying staff and supplier preferences, not just preferences based on the source of the work;
  • Ensuring balance and fairness in the distribution of work amongst suppliers and staff;
  • Identifying who of the staff members of suppliers need to be notified and when;
  • Determining the right notification techniques such as SMS, Email and App Notifications;
  • How to enable a Supplier to manage the workload of their staff including the distribution of external work to their own staff; and
  • The list of challenges that Eaco can meet goes on!


Using Eaco's Automated Job Matching and Distribution System, our clients:

  • Have efficiently captured exact Job Details required for each Job;
  • No longer need to telephone around to see who is available and interested in Jobs;
  • No longer need to call Staff and Suppliers to distribute Jobs to them;
  • Instantly know the location of Staff Members and that of their Suppliers.
  • Can remain updated, at all times, on the workload of each Staff Member and that of their Suppliers; and
  • Instantly know the Status of each Job.


Distributing the right jobs to the right people at the right time is a complex problem to solve. Overcoming this challenge has required a combination of unique technology, elaborate algorithms and a huge amount of real world data and feedback through the technology and algorithms, which can be continually refined and improved.

In the case of Eaco, we have had real-world experience of matching and dispatching over 1,000,000 jobs to thousands of frontline staff and suppliers. As a result, Eaco's Automated Job Distribution and Tracking System is solid, well tested and ready to meet the needs of industry.

The Eaco System is designed to excel during each stage of the Job Matching, Dispatching and Tracking process, including:

  • Creating your Staff and Supplier Network (see: https://eaco.systems/national-network-of-contractors/)
  • Profiling your Staff and Suppliers: Multi-layered Job Profiling for each of your staff and suppliers enabling you to specify exactly who does what, where and when.
  • Real-Time Tracking of Staff and Supplier location, availability and workload with the Eaco FieldWorker App and the Eaco Dispatch System.
  • Posting a Job Request: Efficiently and effectively capturing the precise job information required for each type of Job Request.
  • Custom Algorithm for Job Matching and Distribution.
  • Job Notifications via in-App notifications, SMS and/or Email.
  • Job Acceptance and Tracking with the Eaco Supplier Portal, Eaco Dispatch and/or Eaco FieldWorker App.

Bonus Solutions

Once the Job Distribution and Tracking Solution was in place, we started to see a number of other ways that the Eaco System could be used to further enhance the Safety, Quality and Efficacy of our clients' businesses.

Once our clients had their Suppliers using the Eaco System to receive and manage work, this enabled them to benefit from solutions such as:

Elements of the Eaco System in Use

In the Establish phase, the Eaco Control Centre is used to:

  • Create the staff and/or supplier networks;
  • Create and manage the staff and/or supplier Job Matching Profiles;
  • Create the Custom Post a Job Form(s) as well as any automated Job Capture systems such as Website Widgets, Email Parsing, API Integrations with external systems, etc; and
  • Create the Custom Algorithm for Job Matching and Distribution.

In the Act phase, the Eaco Control Centre is used to:

  • Post Jobs to the Supplier Network; and
  • Track the Status of each Job.

Staff and Suppliers can use the following systems to accept Jobs and keep you updated on the status of each job:

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