Business optimisation is achieved when desired outcomes are maximised and unacceptable outcomes are minimised.

The fourth phase of the Eaco Methodology, the Optimise phase, is all about optimisation; it is all about making things better.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, utilising Eaco to establish digital workflows and communications will provide you with a self-reinforcing system. This is aimed to ensure that all facets of your business are leveraged and maximised, so that you are well positioned to take on current and future opportunities, meet demand and tackle market changes.

Notably, this is achieved through the provision of resources that enable you to leverage your analytics and improve your processes and automations accordingly:

Real-time Customer Feedback

Keep a finger on the pulse with customer feedback that highlight opportunities for improvement.

Workflow Visibility

Identify workflow stages that can be optimised. These business process improvements will drive productivity.

Financial Metrics

Let the numbers do the talking. See where you can save on costly mistakes and boost profitability.

Compliance Management

Continue to reduce risk with risk minimisation strategies.


Automations enable you to optimise your business and empower your people. They lead, to efficiency.

Efficiency within an organisation’s Eaco system is driven through business optimisation when works management processes are developed with the main aim of making business as effective and as efficient as possible. This is achieved through elimination of ineffective systems and well constructed automation of tasks, ultimately ensuring that all components of the business — time, processes, assets, team members and external networks — are working in sync effectively and the risk of error is reduced.