Eaco brings together a unique combination of existing software products, custom development and experienced business consulting to deliver solutions that meet the exact needs of your business and those of your clients.


We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. We have worked with small businesses and startups right through to government bodies and multi-national corporations.

The Eaco System has been used to create and manage software and provide solutions for the following industries:

Who is Eaco best for?

The Eaco System and our team of software developers and business consultants work best with service-based organisations that are focused on impressing their clients and making the world a better place.

In particular, Eaco is suitable for organisations that are interested in:

  • Clients
  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Value
  • Unique solutions
  • Efficiency
  • Making an impact

Who is Eaco not for?

We are conscious that the depth of our solutions may not suit every organisation.  In particular, Eaco may not be suitable if you are a business that:

  • Has no need to differentiate yourself;
  • Is content using generic off the shelf technology; and/or
  • Will wait months or even years for software developers to build a solution for you.

Are we a good match?

If you're a business that is ready to lead your market, blow your customers away, and provide an amazing experience for both clients and staff, then there's a good chance we might all be on the same page.

We turn up to work each day driven to make a difference in this world. If you've got some great ideas on how to use our talent and technology for good, then let's catch up.