System Features

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Compliance Management

Compliance Management has become a big part of modern business. Clients are demanding more, government regulations are becoming stricter and it is good practice to manage the risks associated with operating your organisation. See how Eaco's functionality can help you meet all of those obligations.

Programmed Jobs

Ultimately, this will allow the focus of human personnel to be directed to tasks that hold greater commercial value; tasks that cannot solely be completed through the use of machines and software.

Invoice Schemas

Gone will be the days of quotes and invoices flying around everywhere – overloading and overwhelming back office staff – grinding business to a halt. Eaco’s Invoice Schemas feature will help you keep up with this volume of paperwork an integral role in keeping you well ahead of the pack.

Category Mappings

The irony is – that for the sake of efficiency – suppliers are being burdened with the inefficiency of operating multiple systems. Eaco’s Category Mappings functionality helps you take a step towards solving that problem.

Tracking Map Styles

Every single time your organisation reaches a customer, your brand is being judged and rated. Given this, it is integral that every one of your touch points impresses your customers.

Invoice Transformations

One of the most useful benefits of Invoice Transformations is that it minimises the risk of your business missing out on revenue that is rightfully yours. This is achieved via the automated connection between an invoice from a supplier and an invoice that sent by you.

Managed Assets

Care for those assets and make them last – you can do that with Eaco. Eaco’s power and flexibility enables you to track assets you are connected with and provides a complete history of who has done what and when in relation to each asset. Brilliant!