Eaco provides an Integrated Management System for the Aged Care sector.

To ensure that older Australians in need of aged care receive safe and quality care, there are many processes in place that provide governance including:

  • Clinical Care
  • Human Resources
  • OH&S
  • Environmental Responsibilities
  • Emergency Management; And,
  • Asset Maintenance

The most important part of good governance is to have processes in place to identify the risks. As well as the systems to limit the risks as soon as they are identified.

GRC - Governance, risk management and compliance is a term often used to describe "the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organisation to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity." GRC has many facets, but is predominantly statutory or operational.

There are many systems around that help with the recording of statutory compliance. However, Operational GRC is much more difficult to police and record. Operational compliance is the process of breaking each function into a workflow and each stage into tasks.  Each task then needs to be recorded with an outcome.  Tasks that fail, need to trigger rectification, which in turn move through related workflows and tasks.

At Eaco, we have spent many years working with business.  Firstly to Link the statutory compliance with the operational compliance creating a complete Integrated Management System

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